"Almost Everyone" At Apple Works on iPhone Development

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple employs some 16,000 people at its Cupertino headquarters, and despite being the makers of tablets, computers, media players and set-top boxes, almost all of its Silicon Valley workers have to devote some time to iPhone development.

That's news straight from the mouth of Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing. Calling the iPhone a "bet the company product" in front of a San Jose court as part of the ongoing patent battle with Samsung, he revealed that "almost everyone" at Apple now works on the iPhone in some way.

"There were huge risks," he said, speaking of the company's initial stab at iPhone development. "We had a saying inside the company that it was a 'bet the company' product... We were starting to do well again in iPod... Then here we're going to invest all these resources, financial as well as people, in creating this product."

Seems like it turned out to be a worthy gamble, eh? Despite the headaches of the patent war, some 440 million iPhones have now been sold. [The Register]