Amazing New Miracle Material Will Keep You Dry No Matter What

By Jesus Diaz on at

There are a lot of water-repellent surfaces, but nothing as incredible as this new miracle material that—according to research published in Nature—repels water way beyond "what was previously thought possible." As you can see in this clip, the water bounces completely off the surface as fast as possible, leaving nothing behind.

Its inventors say it's inspired by lotus' leaves and butterfly's wings design, which are the most efficient water repellent surfaces in the planet, way more than any artificial material—until now.

Their method is quite clever: Instead of reducing the contact surface of the material, as is traditionally done, they altered its texture at the nano level to change the water drop's hydrodynamics. The surface's morphology redistributes the water's mass, they say, which "reduces the overall contact time between a bouncing drop and a surface" and therefore keeps things dry.