Amazon to Take Over Closed Tube Station Ticket Offices as Parcel Collection Points?

By Gerald Lynch on at

While it seems Londoners are unanimously in favour of London Underground's plans to run Tube services through the night from 2015, few will be pleased to hear that with the move also comes the closure of manned ticket offices, and a host of resultant job losses. But Amazon may be about to give that cloud its silver lining.

According to theĀ FinancialĀ Times, the online retail giant is in talks to takeover the soon-to-be deserted ticket offices in Tube stations, which will then become parcel pick-up points for its customers.

For any Londoner who dreads returning from work to a "Sorry We Missed You" red message from the postie, this will sound like a great idea. While Amazon is yet to confirm any speculation, it seems a sound plan, offering more choice for its customers, and an extra bit of revenue for London Underground too (though a parcel-filled rush-hour Tube station may become a thing of nightmares). [Financial Times via Engadget]

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