An Unbreakable Man Somehow Survived This Insane 190 mph Car Crash

By Casey Chan on at

Oh my God. Look at this car violently tumble over and over and over again in a crash at a land speed event. The car is mutilated and destroyed and is hardly even recognisable as a vehicle anymore. It's horrific. It's awful. And it's completely unbelievable that the driver of the car, racer Brian Gillespie, survived the crash with only minor injuries. It's a miracle. He must be unbreakable.

Brian Gillespie was attempting land speed records in his highly modified Honda Insight and almost reached 200mph before the car turned into a desert avalanche of car parts. To escape with only minor injuries is beyond incredible. Bangshift says that Gillespie is A-OK right now. Man, we hope he knows how lucky he is.