Anonymous #MillionMaskMarch Protests in London Lead to Arrests

By Gerald Lynch on at

A protest in Central London last night, spearheaded by the hacking collective Anonymous, has resulted in a number of arrests.

Hundreds of protestors, wearing the Anonymous group's signature Guy Fawkes masks, gathered around Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace to demonstrate against governmental austerity measures and state surveillance. Among the protestors were Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and comedian-come-armchair-"revolutionary" Russell Brand.

Though protests were for the most part peaceful, bonfires were lit near the palace and roads around Parliament Square were blocked, leading to confrontations with police and 11 arrests being made. Protestors were hilariously also said to be heard chanting "wake her up" outside the palace, while the Queen was trying to get forty winks.

Organised by the Twitter hashtag #MillionMaskMarch, linked protests also took place around the world, including demonstrations in Washington, Dublin, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro. [BBC]