Apple and Samsung Get Back in the Ring Over Renewed Patent Row

By Gerald Lynch on at

Just when you thought it was safe to file a patent, Apple and Samsung come out all guns blazing in yet another courtroom battle. It all went a bit quiet for a while following the August 2012 ruling that Samsung had indeed infringed upon Apple's intellectual properties, but now the case is heading back to the courts over the amount of damages due to the Cupertino company.

Samsung had been ordered to pay Apple $1bn (£626m) after judges ruled that the South Korean company had copied elements of the original iPhone's design, as well as interface elements such as tap-to-zoom and the little bounce back at the end of a scrolling page. However, a revised ruling in March 2013 stated that the jury had only accurately accounted for $550m of the payout, and that the $450m remaining needed to be looked at once again.

It's that battle which will see the two tech titans do their best Judge Judy impressions in the weeks to come. It's risky business for both parties, with Apple just as likely to be awarded more money in damages as it is to receive less. [BBC]