Asda's Alcatel Mobile Costs Less Than a Portion of Fish and Chips

By Gerald Lynch on at

You barely get change out of a fiver for a sandwich these days, but head down to Asda and you could walk away with a brand new mobile phone in exchange for your crisp £5 note. It's admittedly a bit rubbish but, well, FIVE POUNDS, making it the nation's cheapest phone.

The Alcatel 1010, tied to the T-Mobile network without a minimum top-up required, is the handset in question. It's very much a back-to-basics candybar, so those looking for quad-core processors and 5-inch touchscreens should look away now: it comes complete with a 1.45-inch screen, 3MB of memory and weighs 59g.

It does however offer a built-in MP3 player and FM radio though, so if you're looking for a cheap way of listening to some tunes on-the-go without fear of having to file an insurance claim should the phone get stolen or lost, the Alcatel 1010 could be for you.