Magnets: The New Attractive Fashion

By Ross Johnson on at

...I can only apologise for that pun. Magnets, as we all know, are useful things. You'll find them in your bank card, your electric guitar, and probably plastered all over your fridge. And now, they're being implemented by fashion designers.

Incredibly usefully, Alessi's Kompas collection of sunglasses use magnets to fit together, eliminating the need for teeny tiny screws, and consequently eliminating your fit of rage when your shades fall apart.

Belgian-born, Hong Kong-based designer Frédéric Gooris came up with the snazzy titanium and acetate design, aimed at fitting any face. You can grab a pair here.

Perhaps less usefully, and more in the mode of "let's just see if we can," these magnetically-crafted dresses were unveiled recently at the Dutch Design Week.

Crafted by exerting a strong magnetic force on a composite of iron filings and molten plastic, these dresses were designed by Iris Van Herpen, with help from artist Jólan van der Wiel. I don't know about you, but I find them quite repellent. (...I'm so sorry.)[Designboom and Alessi]