BA's Digital Billboard Can Point Out Specific Flights as They Pass Overhead

By Gerald Lynch on at

I can't be the only person who, on a dreary winter's trudge towards the office, has looked up at the sky and wondered what tropical climes the passengers of an overhead plane are heading off to. Thanks to an inventive new billboard advert from BA, my wistful wonderings have been answered.

The #lookup digital signs see a video of a toddler appear every time a BA flight passes above it and, using a combination of GPS positioning and MAGIC, the little lad is able to relay precisely what flight it is he's pointing at and where it originated from.

One of the BA ads is already installed in Chiswick, and another is set to appear in London's world-famous Piccadilly Circus video wall. You may still be left in the bitter chill of a British winter, but at least your cockles can be warmed by a surprisingly inventive use of advertising space. [BA]