Batfleck to be a Drone-Commanding Caped Crusader in Batman vs. Superman, But How Will He Pee?

By Gerald Lynch on at

First off, lets give Ben Affleck's Batman a break -- the guy's a solid actor. Sure he's made mistakes (we've all had a metaphoric Gigli at some point in our lives, right?), but his take on the Caped Crusader is sounding the most complex and interesting yet.

Warner Bros film executive Daniel Alter tweeted some very interesting details about the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman, over the weekend, revealing that Affleck's Batman will be a semi-retired crime fighter, preferring to patrol the streets remotely from his Batcave using an army of drones.

"Can’t wait for #BatmanvsSuperman...#Batfleck semi-retired/not speaking to Robin anymore.. controlling drones from the Batcave," he tweeted.

Very neat -- it looks as if director Zack Snyder and writer David S. Goyer are channelling elements of Frank Miller's seminal comic The Dark Knight Returns. An older, beaten and bruised Batman was touched upon in the opening scenes of The Dark Knight Rises, and was, in my opinion, sadly not explored to its full potential. From an initially absurd premise, Batman vs. Superman now sounds significantly more interesting.

And with Affleck now getting ready to don the suit for filming, his shadow-stalking predecessor Christian Bale had some words of advice to bestow upon the latest Dark Knight. Namely, how to pee in a rubber suit.

"The only thing I said to him is to make sure he can take a piss without anyone having to help him because it’s a little bit humiliating -- at least what I went through" Bale told Access Hollywood. "When you have to have someone help you out of the costume in order to do that..."  [Metro, Access Hollywood]