British Armed Forces Network all Their Simulators Together for Greatest LAN Party Ever

By Chris Mills on at

As every proper gamer knows, single-player gaming is nothing compared to the fun of pumping your buddy full of lead. The Armed Forces, no strangers to teamwork, seem to agree, so have networked ship simulators together with those flown by the fighter jocks to create the ultimate in electronic war porn.

The system, put together by BAE Systems using its Dedicated Engineering Network, linked together three different types of simulators across the UK: Eurofighter Typhoon sims at RAF Leuchars Scotland; a simulator for the Type 45 air-warfare destroyer in Portsmouth, and a pretend E3D early-warning aircraft in not-so-sunny New Malden.

Although it's certainly not the biggest co-operative simulator the Armed Forces own -- that prize surely goes to the whopping 140-unit tank simulator in Sennelager, Germany -- it's a neat way to network together a bunch of geographically distant simulators in order to play together, allowing units that previously wouldn't have got much time to work together -- like the Navy's most advanced air warfare destroyer, and the pride of the RAF's fighters -- to practice being polite to each other. And, more importantly, it's probably a sight cheaper than crashing a few planes into a multi-million-pound destroyer in real life.

Image credit: Crown Copyright