Butterfly Wings Look Completely Crazy Under an Electron Microscope

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Destin over at SmarterEveryDay wanted to take an up-close look at the nanostructure of a butterfly's wing, so he took a few samples to be looked at under a scanning electron microscope. The results are fascinatingly beautiful.

Using an LEO 1450VP scanning electron microscope that can view objects as small as 30 nanometres, Destin and Dr. Robert Simmons at Georgia State University revealed the tiniest details of a butterfly's wing. At full zoom, they found strikingly well-ordered, micrometer-sized structures that create the colour of the butterfly's wing. Crazy cool stuff. At nearly 10 minutes, it's a longish video, but where else can you get such a close look at the biomechanics of a butterfly? [SmarterEveryDay]