Camden Cat Prank-Calls 999, Is Terrified When Police Break the Door Down

By Ross Johnson on at

Camden police rushed to a flat in Kilburn last week after a 999 call was logged from the address. Unable to get a response, naturally they broke the door down. What they found was a cat hiding in the wardrobe, presumably very pleased with itself for trolling the plods.

The culprit, a Singapura kitten named Bruce Lee, accidentally dialed the emergency services when he stepped on the phone... and then promptly hung up. Somehow. Owner James Cocksedge was at the shops, so when a police call back went unanswered, police were dispatched to the flat.

Mr Cocksedge returned at midday to find his door in pieces, police officers waiting outside, and a rather sheepish-looking kitten. In a figurative sense, of course - it probably didn't look much like a sheep. Though 999 prank-callers usually face charges of wasting police time, Bruce Lee will reportedly not be charged on account of his species. Crafty bugger. [Camden New Journal]