Cheapo 28p Aldi Mince Pies Smash the Posh Competition in Ultimate Christmas Taste Test

By Gary Cutlack on at

Self-appointed consumer watchdog Which? had a whale of a time recently, buying mince pies from all the major retailers on work expenses and comparing them against each other in a taste test. And the cheapest option, from budget supermarket chain Aldi, beat them all. Even the poshos from Fortnum's.

The Aldi luxury mince pies were said to have a "lush and juicy filling" by the Which? taste testers, who were rating the pies on appearance, aroma, texture and taste. As well as the Aldi winners, the testers also enjoyed the cheap option from rival budget chain Lidl, and singled out its snowflake motif for additional merit.

In the end, the budget Aldi pies, which cost 28p each, were deemed significantly better than the staggeringly expensive Christmas pastry treats on sale at Fortnum & Mason, with the boutique chain's disappointing and poorly reviewed mince pies costing a staggering £2.16 each.

Gizmodo UK is also conducting a wide series of independent taste tests, so please send us pies. Biscuits also considered. [Which?]