This 'Check' Fitness Training Gadget Knows to Warn You When You're Knackered

By Gerald Lynch on at

From sports-orientated wristwatches to apps that have you fleeing from a zombie horde, there are plenty of tech-savvy ways to get in shape these days. But while many are prepared to push you that extra mile, few (if any) care about the state your body is in before egging you on. Check by FAM Sports bucks that trend.

Using a sensor system that hooks up to electrodes placed on your forearm, Check sends a low-voltage current through your body in order stimulate the nerve-muscle connection. Sending data on the intensity of your response and any delay in your reaction to the current, an Android or iPhone app is then able to decide how ready you are for a workout.

Taking just 30 seconds to perform its tests, Check is able to more accurately tailor how intense a workout you need in order to gain the maximum benefits from your exercise sessions, rather than putting your body on the fast-track to an injury. It's also able to keep a more accurate record of your body's response to training regimes, storing all the data in the cloud. It's already got fans among the top Premier League football teams, with a number of clubs said to already be using Check daily.

Available  for £225, you can pick it up from the company's online store now. Various bundles of the necessary assessment electrodes are sold separately however, which makes Check one of the pricier fitness gadgets out there.