Suspected Criminal Taunts Police on Facebook, Gets Busted Five Minutes Later

By Gary Cutlack on at

Wanted man Rolando Lozano posted a message on the Facebook page of his local police force, goading them into coming and catching him. So they went and caught him. Then bragged about it themselves afterwards.

Lozano, who was wanted on suspicion of stealing stuff from a car, posted a message on theĀ Rosenberg Police Department's Facebook page update about his crime, saying: "F*** all yall hoes, im innocent, catch me if you can muthasuckas."

The police then went and got him. He was hiding with his family, which isn't really the best way to evade capture. The cops then posted a response to Lozano's message, saying: "Rolando Lozano... we caught you five minutes after you posted this ... Thank you to the community for your help!!!" along with the above photo montage of the arrest as required and undeniable visual proof. [Yahoo]