CyanogenMod Launches "One Click" Android Custom ROM Installer

By Gary Cutlack on at

The popular CyanogenMod range of custom Android versions has taken a big step toward mass public use, thanks to the developer releasing a "one click" installer app on Google's own app shop to help everyone switch to the massively modded custom OS.

We say "one click" because it's not really that simple. Your device must be tethered to PC via USB for it all to happen, plus there's a separate piece of software required to whack on your desktop first. However, the installer doesn't require supported phones to be "rooted" first, which is another big step in making the installation process much easier for the more casual smartphone user.

Not a huge number of devices are supported at the moment, though. No Sony Xperia models will work with the installer for a start, plus the new Nexus 5 isn't yet part of the fun. And there's no companion desktop tool for OS X users either, but that is coming. Everything comes to CyanogenMod eventually, after all. [CyanogenMod]