Dog Walker Finds £60k Floating Down the River

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Lincolnshire man did the right thing when he spotted a mass of bank notes floating down the South Drove Drain in Spalding, calling the police to report it instead of ripping his clothes off and leaping in to grab as much as possible like he's in The Crystal Maze.

As well as being soaked, the money recovered appears to be a bit burnt around the edges too, so whoever dumped the cash seems to have a serious aversion to having large amounts of money. Police say if anyone can prove they're the owner of the lost money they can have it back.

So if you got seriously drunk in Spalding and took out a bit more cash than you needed for a taxi home, panicked, set it on fire, realised your error and threw it in the river to put it out only to see it float away, get your statements together and give the police a ring. [BBC]

Image credit: English bank notes from Shutterstock