Dogs and Guns! Cheapest Places to Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts

By Gerald Lynch on at

Unleash the dogs of war! Call of Duty: Ghosts launches today, with the annual frag-fest bringing a helicopter-downing mutt along for the ride this time too. Knowing that plenty of gamers will be wanting to get their hands on Infinity Ward's latest shooter, there are deals aplenty floating around UK stores. And we've got the best of them collected here.

Prices listed below refer to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game -- next-gen versions are more expensive across all stores, and hovering very close to the £49.99 RRP.

By far the best offer comes from GameStop. It is selling the game for just £7.97 if you trade in any two of the games on this lengthy list.

They're followed up by Saisbury's on the highstreet, selling the game for just £32.99 if you buy it alongside a £30 shop. It's £40 in the supermarket otherwise.

ShopTo are selling for £39.85, while Asda and Amazon both sit at £39.97 -- the advantage with Asda being you can walk away with the game instantly from its brick-and-mortar stores. Tesco rounds-off the notable high-street bargains with a round £40 price.

PC gamers can pick a digital copy of the game from GameFly for £33.99 (unlocking as a Steam key) or direct from Steam for £39.99. Boxed copies from Amazon cost £34.97, so a slight saving if you can wait for the postie to come.