Dumbed-Down Quidditch-for-Humans Now Being Played in the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

Quidditch, the pretend game from adolescent magic series Harry Potter, is now being played as a competitive sport in the UK. 16 teams competed in the Quidditch British Cup, although the rules of the game have obviously been changed to take into account the fact that magic doesn't exist and the teens are all fat and lethargic nowadays.

The Quidditch British Cup featured 16 teams from the UK and Ireland, who travelled via conventional transport methods to take part in the event in Oxford. The matches took place in Oxford's University Parks, with local team the Oxford Chimeras winning the knockout tournament, beating Keele 100 - 60 in the final.

Rights to broadcast live matches and highlights of the 2014 event (may) have been purchased by BT for £375m. [BBC]

Image credit: Facebook