DVLA Updates Banned Sweary Number Plate List for 2014 Idiot Season

By Gary Cutlack on at

The annual roll over of the car number plate system has thrown up some exciting new ways for people to spell out swear words, with the 14 plate designation meaning the likes of SH14 TTY and SP14 STK now find themselves on the DVLA's banned registrations list.

People who might be stupid enough to want their cars to say SL14 AGS and J14 HAD next year are now SH14T out of luck too, with the licensing authority also adding combinations like AL14 LAH, CR14 PLE and BU14 SHT to the blacklist. You'd think people wouldn't need to be told not to do things like that. But they do. [Telegraph]

Image credit: UK cars from Shutterstock