Would You Visit an E-Cig Bar, Just So You Could Puff Away in Peace?

By Ross Johnson on at

The UK's first e-cigarette dedicated bar is opening up in London, and they've got their sights set on "defining new social rules" by re-uniting smokers and non-smokers. Shoreditch bar #vypesocial will open on Wednesday 13th November, offering patrons a boozy night without the butts.

Along with their philanthropic health goals, the bar will be actively promoting Vype electronic cigs, a new brand with softer tips that attempts to mimic the experience of smoking a real cigarette as fully as possible.

The appeal of e-cigs for many has been the fact that they're legal to smoke in public areas. And they're not that bad. I've tried them, and the steam created by the little vaporisers is actually quite nice. They even come in flavours (some tastier than others). But I work in a pub that's part of a chain which doesn't allow the devices to be smoked inside. Legal they may be, but that doesn't mean you can smoke 'em anywhere.

So with smokers and e-cig smokers alike increasingly being forced out into the rapidly-cooling November nights, is this bar the first example of a new breed of venues? Smoker-friendly, without actually allowing real smoke?

Giz readers: what do you reckon? Will anyone be heading down to #vypesocial? Are bars like this really redefining social boundaries, or are they a bit of a gimmick? Pitch in with your comments.