EE 4G to Hit a Blisteringly-Fast 300Mbps in East London

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're looking to download a HD boxset of your favourite TV shows, and just so happen to be an EE 4G customer, it may soon be worth heading over to East London's  version of Silicon Valley, "Tech City" -- the network is today switching on a ridiculously-speedy 300Mbps mobile broadband connection in the area, the fastest in the world.

Twice as fast as the next-best mobile data connection worldwide (SK Telecom offers South Koreans a 150Mbps connection), EE's offering uses LTE-Advanced technology to hit the theoretical top speeds. As ever, optimum conditions concerning device capabilities and interference can affect actual top speeds, but it's a significant milestone nonetheless.

Initially, EE will be rolling out the service on a trial basis exclusively to start-up business residents of the Tech City area through December, before making it commercially-available as compatible devices become available to customers in 2014. EE hopes the new top speeds will attract those looking to get data-intensive work done on the go and, considering Tech City Workers' penchant for gobbling both data and coffee in hipster cafes around Silicon Roundabout, that's a pretty solid business plan. [EE]