EE Offers Petabyte Mobile Data Allowances for Power Business Users, at Around £8m

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you really want an unlimited SIM deal, have a word with EE's business department. It's offering massive mobile data bundles for large businesses, topping out at a staggering combined 1PB allowance. That would keep everyone in the workplace happily streaming iPlayer all day. Which is probably not the point, but still.

The petabyte (or 1,000,000GB) data allowance is the very highest available through EE's business bundles, which also give companies the option of buying chunks of 50TB, 100TB, 200TB or 500TB of mobile data to share among staff members. EE suggests the cost of data on the maximum tariff works out to around £8 per GB depending on the specifics of the plan put together, meaning those companies after the full petabyte allowance would have to shell out £8m for the privilege.

Rather than empowering everyone to have 4G YouTube access, the idea is to allow the likes of media companies to use 4G networks to transmit vast quantities of data on the fly, removing the need for fixed line or satellite links. [Telegraph]