Drug Dealers Turn Old Nuclear Bunker into Massive Cannabis Factory

By Gary Cutlack on at

Around 400 cannabis plants with a possible street value of around £650,000 were pulled out of tunnels beneath Kidderminster, after local drug growers broke into an abandoned nuclear bunker and installed their own hydroponic equipment to grow dope.

Police say "heating, lighting and ventilation fans" and an illegal power supply had been installed in part of the underground network, and have arrested a local man for his part in the plan.

The three miles of underground space known as Drakelow Tunnels have a glorious past, serving as a secure parts factory during the second world war, before being fitted out to serve as a nuclear bunker for local government during the cold war era. A local group is currently attempting to win planning permission to build a museum to preserve some of the network for posterity. [BBC]

Image credit: Save Drakelow