First Wave of UK Xbox One Apps Revealed Alongside Rewards for Watching TV

By Gerald Lynch on at

While we may not be initially getting the full-suite of TV viewing features that our pals over the pond will be able to play with on the Xbox One, Microsoft has still secured a number of TV streaming apps for UK gamers to mess about with come the November 22nd launch. And you may even get rewards for your couch-potato behaviour.

Straight out of the box, Xbox One owners will have access to Netflix, Amazon's Lovefilm, Crackle, Blinkbox, Eurosport, Machinima, Muzu TV, Sky's on-demand Now TV service, TED, Twitch and Channel 5's Demand 5 and Channel 4's 4oD will also be on offer, but the ITV player and BBC iPlayer are missing at launch.

Most interesting (if least exciting) of all is the unveiling of Media Achievements. Working in a similar way to the Xbox's gaming achievements but tracking events in media apps instead, Xbox One owners will be rewarded with badges and titles for watching certain programmes or opening up particular apps during allotted periods of time. In a move that's sure to inspire square-eyed gamers the world over, these achievements may even extend to watching a set number of shows or films within an app in a specific time period. It's all really just a promotional tool for the services tucked inside the Xbox One, but we all know how worked up those cheevo whores get.