"Flowerworks": The Best (Petal-Based) Fireworks Display You'll See This Year

By Ross Johnson on at

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gunpowder, frisians and forget-me-nots. The inventive folk at Interflora have created a breathtaking short film combining beautiful flowers with...explosives.

"Here at Interflora we are always looking for ways to use flowers in totally new and exciting ways," said David Ragg, Head of Product Development. Playing on the fact that fireworks are often named after flowers -- peonies, dahlias and chrysanthemums are among the explosive devices you might see this year -- Interflora aimed to create an unusual flower display.

The video was shot in super-slow motion at 1600fps, as the effect of each "flowerwork" was much shorter than that of a traditional firework. The flowers had to be carefully dried and crammed into a firework shell, as using traditional launching techniques would have ripped the delicate petals apart. That, and presumably would have meant that the things exploded out-of-shot.

The result is a video that recreates the raw spectacle of a fireworks display, but with the elegance of a carefully-constructed bouquet. Guy Fawkes would've loved it. [Interflora]