GAME Accused of Ruining Gamers' "Xbox One Day" By Cancelling Pre-Orders Without Refunds

By Gerald Lynch on at

Videogame retailer GAME has come under fire by an enraged group of customers who claim that their Xbox One pre-orders have been cancelled just days before the console's launch. And, to make matters worse, so far there's no sign of a refund.

Complaints have come flooding in to Gizmodo today, with multiple customers stating that, after being informed that their pre-orders were being cancelled, are now being stonewalled by the company, with no reasons being given as to why the cancellations have been ordered, nor how best to claim back a refund. Those getting in touch have not merely put down a deposit, but have paid for their gaming bundles in full, putting them at least £430 out of pocket.

"Game have cancelled part of my XB1 day one pre-order, no payment issue, money in the bank, and no callback after 3 hours!" writes Twitter user Glenn Edwards. Alan Gooch was similarly dismayed, asking "why has my pre-order been cancelled? £459 taken from PayPal on the 8th November, e-mail today saying I cancelled it."

Indeed, there's an air of frivolity around the whole issue, especially from GAME's social media accounts -- rather than replying to customers' genuine concerns, GAME's social media managers seem so far more interested in joking about Cornetto ice-creams.

However, according to GAME, some of the cancellations may be beyond its control. GAME sent Gizmodo UK this response to the complaints:

"We've seen huge demand for the Xbox One and our distribution teams are working at full throttle as we get ready to stock our stores and begin to fulfil our online pre-orders. As we do that, we are seeing a small number of online pre-orders which are failing, typically due to payment method failures like a card payment decline. This is something every online retailer experiences and unfortunately the circumstance is out of our control. We’re working with those customers affected to rectify the issue and ensure they keep their place in the queue.  In any instance of a customer having problems with their pre-order we would urge them to contact our customer service team through our livechat facility - we're here to help every gamer on their journey into the next generation and will deal with all issues on a one-to-one basis. We're here to do everything we can to deliver for the UK gaming community."

Though ready to help all affected customers, it seems it's already been a trying experience for some gamers, especially those that seem to have lost money to the infinite void of dodgy payment systems. With GAME still recovering from a rocky financial period, it'd do well to allay its customers' fears more swiftly in the future.

Have you been affected by the issue? And if so, how did you pay -- via PayPal, credit card, or some other means? Vent away in the comments section below.

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