The "Epic Gaming Adventure" is the Perfect Holiday for Globetrotting Gamers

By Ross Johnson on at

Seven countries, four weeks and several thousand miles of air travel are what you sign up for with Game and STA Travel's package trip, on which holidaymakers get to visit some of the top gaming locations around the world.

The £5,500 vacation will send you across the globe, visiting key locations where videogames are produced, and settings from your favourite shooters. First up is Edinburgh, home to Rockstar North, from where punters will be flown to such far-flung locations as the e-sports stadium in Seoul, Konami's Tokyo headquarters, and Redwood City near San Francisco, home to Electronic Arts.

Some of the locations seem a little contrived: Havana is billed as "featured in Black Ops 1 and 2" and Austin, TX is "the inspiration for locations in Red Dead Redemption." But then again, if you're sniffing at a trip that takes you to Los Angeles and Miami, what's wrong with you?! Guess it could be this cold snap. Blow your nose.

So, if you're bored of boring old beach holidays, and want to soak up some gaming history as well as rays, take a look at Game's deal. Be warned: the word 'epic' is used liberally on the site. [Game via Telegraph]