Google's Nexus 8 Tablet May be Sitting There in Plain View on its Android Site

By Gary Cutlack on at

A few rumours suggested Google might be planning an 8-inch Nexus tablet earlier this year, but nothing came of it. We got the new Nexus 7 and were happy about it. However, this pic may show the next slightly bigger thing being used by a Google promotional person. Nexus 8, anyone?

The image, taken from Google's Android site, appears to show a device with less bezel to the top and bottom the the display than the current Nexus 7, so unless someone at Google hurriedly Photoshopped a shot of the company's new KitKat OS on a Nexus 7 and did a rather shoddy job of it, this might be the first look at Google's next Nexus tablet.

Would a roomier Nexus 8 have you instantly eBaying your suddenly-too-small Nexus 7 in disgust to upgrade? [Google via Phandroid]