"Gordon" and "Freeman" Steam Box Prototypes Look a Lot Like a White PS4

By Gerald Lynch on at

They may be set to land alongside madcap touch-powered controllers, but it seems the Steam Box PC gaming consoles themselves will sport a more traditional design. A pair of Steam Box prototypes from iBuyPower have surfaced and they look like white PS4s, if anything.

Codenamed "Gordon" and "Freeman" after the Half-Life lead character, each machine is boxy in shape, with a strip of light wrapping around its edge, glowing a host of colours compared to the PS4's blue-strip.

Inside, the machines look speedy and capable. Each is said to have an "AMD CPU with a discrete GPU...Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and at least a 500 GB HDD, with faster and larger options planned." All Steam games will be able to run on the machines at 1080p resolution and 60fps apparently, though how high the graphical options are set to hit those standards smoothly depends on each individual configuration. With the powerful Nvidia Titan GeForce GTX 780, GTX 760 and GTX 660 GPUs all tipped to feature, the Steam OS-packing machines have every opportunity to trounce the visuals on the Xbox One or PS4 -- and every opportunity to land at far higher price points too. [Engadget]