Greggs Customers Furious Over Management's "Personalised Sauce Option" Ketchup Ban

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pastry and sandwich chain Greggs has apparently banned staff from adding brown sauce and ketchup to lunchtime sandwiches sold to customers, in a move that's either all about reducing serving time, saving money or annoying people, depending on who you listen to.

Greggs management has decreed that sauces may only be added to breakfast products, so if you're after a bacon or sausage sandwich, you'll be OK. Presumably you could also convince someone to put ketchup on your Weetabix, as that'd fall within these baffling new sauce laws. But adding brown sauce to a cheese roll at lunchtime is now ILLEGAL.

Customer Keith Perry told the Daily Mail about his sauce nightmare, saying: "I asked for a £1.35 cheese roll and was told: 'We are not supposed to sell you a cheese roll with brown sauce. We could get into serious trouble.'" This country.

The chain has been forced to explain its new regulations, saying: "Research tells us our sandwich customers value speed of service as very important to them at lunchtime. This means we are unable to offer a personalised sauce option for our full sandwich range." [Daily Mail]