"Gut Reaction" Scientific Love Test May Predict Chance of a Successful Marriage

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists have come up with a modern take on the age old concept of the love test, which they claim successfully measures whether partners are actually suited to each other or just going along with it all for the sake of it.

The test involved showing newlyweds images of their partners for a fraction of a second, then asking them to come up with a response. But it's not what they said that could determine whether the marriage is likely to be happy or filled with pickiness and retribution, but the time taken to come up with an answer.

Taking longer to respond means you're thinking too much about what to say, and therefore might be lying to the testers and, probably a bit more importantly, yourself. An instant response ought to be more genuine and therefore a better gauge of whether you actually like her, or just the idea of not being alone for the next 40 years. [BBC]

Image credit: Wedding from Shutterstock