Hands-Free Mobile Gear Should be Banned From Cars, Says Safe Driving Charity

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fiddling with a text message and trying to write grammatically correct sexy messages with an on-screen keyboard while driving is obviously a bit dangerous, but a safety charity suggests that chatting on a hands-free system is just as risky -- and ought to be banned.

Safety charity Brake points to research that found 98 per cent of drivers couldn't effectively multi-task behind the wheel without it making their driving less safe. It would like drivers to show immense levels of restraint in opting to turn their phones off before starting to drive, also suggesting that a better way of handling the issue might be for callers to refuse to speak should they connect to someone who's obviously hammering along at 82mph.

Brake says talking is just as distracting as texting, eating, reading magazines, pointing at wind turbines and all the other things we do to while away tedious trips, saying: "Many people who wouldn't dream of drink-driving are succumbing to using their phone and other distractions while driving, oblivious that the effect can be similar and the consequences just as horrific." [BBC]

Image credit: Phone in car from Shutterstock