Haptic Feedback and LED Coat Guides Clueless Fashion Idiots Around the Streets

By Gary Cutlack on at

A company going by the name of Wearable Experiments has come up with the concept of a modern coat able to point you in the direction of the nearest kebab shop, with its Navigate jacket lighting up and vibrating to subtly point the wearer in the right direction.

The coat, which currently comes in the form of a swish jacket for the lady tech enthusiast, arrives with a companion smartphone app that users use to pre-load destinations, with the app then connecting to the coat to provide hands-free navigation for the wearer. Haptic feedback gives the wearer a tap on the shoulder when it's time to turn, which sounds like it might be rather easily hackable by someone walking along behind.

Still, if you really like the idea of wearing a guide that means you can get directions while keeping both hands in your pockets, the maker is planning a limited edition release in a few "key" European cities. Then they'll sit by the phone hoping Samsung or Apple comes along with a big cheque. [Navigate via Mashable]