Here's Why It's So Hard to Find Good Movies

By Lily Newman on at

You know when you get in those funks where you feel like every movie is the same, or pointless, or badly written? You might just be watching a tonne of junk on Netflix, but before you judge too harshly you should look at the pile of crap that readers have to whittle down to find good scripts.

Reddit user profound_whatever has been a reader at five different companies and has done coverage of 300 specs, only recommending eight and putting 89 through for "consideration." profound_whatever decided to make this infographic to break everything down in terms of what went wrong with all of those scripts and what they were like. Of course a screenplay by someone famous may get an extra boost, but for the most part readers are stuck going through an endless mass of words to find those gems that eventually make it...somewhere. Keep the creative juices flowing, people, we're clearly not done yet. [Reddit]

Here's Why It's so Hard to Find Good Movies