How Could the UK's Roads be Made Safer for Cyclists?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another sad run of cyclist deaths on the roads of London has led to more calls for action, but what can be done? Short of digging up every street in the country and starting from scratch with a new network, aren't cyclists going to have to accept that it's simply a riskier form of transport, as they're not surrounded by a tonne of German, French or Japanese metal?

The latest call for action to protect London's cyclists comes after another biker died at the notoriously unsafe Bow roundabout, where the London Cycling Campaign held a protest last night aimed at encouraging and begging London's traffic bosses to redesign the dangerous intersection where other cyclists have been killed before.

Is it fair for London's cyclists that the Bow roundabout is a nightmarish death spot they're best off avoiding, or should money be spent on upgrading it? Do helmets for cyclists need to be made compulsory? Or is even that a waste of time given that a bit of plastic on your head isn't much use when you've been thoroughly squished by a lorry? [LCC]

Image credit: LCC