"I'm Spartacus" Prank Somehow Works at Notorious Name-Muddlers Starbucks

By Gerald Lynch on at

It must have taken nerves of steel to pull off this prank -- not because it required half a dozen people to disturb the conveyor-belt-workings of the world's biggest coffee shop chain, but because it relies upon Starbucks' notoriously name-illiterate staff to get a bloody spelling right.

For the sake of our funny bones, thankfully this particular store's staff were a) in possession of at least some literacy competency and b) seemed unaware of one of the greatest historical epics of all time. Though I wonder how many stores the pranksters had to hit before managing to avoid being mistakenly called "Abacus" or "Sprattycups" or some other never-before-uttered name. [Huffington Post]