Instagram Bans Drug Tags Over Fears it's Becoming a Yellow Pages for Illegal Trade

By Gary Cutlack on at

Instagram isn't just for sharing photos of your sushi like you're the first person in the world to eat something other than a cheese sandwich for lunch. Its users have also been uploading photos of drugs and tagging them, in the hope of conducting illegal deals through the service.

A BBC investigation found that Instagram was being used as a visual and highly visible Silk Road imitator, with users taking photos of popular prescription medicines like Roxicodone and Xanax, along with harder drugs, tagging them and waiting for potential buyers to come along and make contact.

One comment beside what appeared to be bags of marijuana said: "Just getting a few packs ready for tomorrow morning... Place your order today, it gets shipped out at 8AM tomorrow," which is about as blatant as it gets. 10/10 for tech awareness and post-millennial entrepreneurial skills, but 0/10 for discretion. [BBC]