iPhone 5S Price Index Calculates How Expensive it is in Real Money Terms

By Gary Cutlack on at

A phone company has created a thing it calls the iPhone 5S price index, which compares the relative cost of Apple's latest phone with the cost of living and national GDP of each country that sells it. And it's the Chinese that have to sacrifice the most to buy their aspirationally-branded mobile phones.

According to the data, the average Chinese person has to pay the equivalent of nearly 10 per cent of the per-capita GDP to acquire the iPhone 5S, despite the lower-than-ours price equivalent of £538 for the 16GB version of the phone. We pay just 2.4 per cent of GDP to buy Apple's latest mobile, while the US, as ever, gets it best, handing over just 1.3 per cent of their annual earnings to live the glassy phone dream. [Mobile Unlocked]