Isle of Man's Jurassic Park... For Cows

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Isle of Man is about to become the UK's smaller and significantly tamer version of Jurassic Park, thanks to a plan to introduce a herd of rare cows to the island. Let's hope they don't break down the fences, escape and... eat someone's daffodils.

The plan saw 14 pregnant White Park cows moved to a farm on the island last week, under a scheme operated by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust to isolate some of our rarest livestock in the hope of protecting them from obliteration should any nasty cattle diseases savage the mainland.

Farm owner Dr Paul Davis said: "White Park cattle number among the world's rarest breeds of cattle, and this herd has come to the island to form a genetic breeding stock protected by the Irish sea from the dangers of extinction should disease strike the bigger island to our east."

Nice to know that people on the Isle of Man refer to the rest of the UK as the bigger island to the east. Nice put-down, cow-loving, small-island man. [BBC]

Image credit: White Park Cattle Society