It Looks Like UK PlayStation 4 Gamers are Subsidising US PS4 Owners

By Gerald Lynch on at

It may seem pricey, but it turns out you're actually getting a really good deal on Sony's PlayStation 4 -- if you live in the States at least.

According to a report seen by All Things D, the new PS4 costs $381 to manufacture—just $18 shy of its $399 retail price. That manufacturing price, when converted to Great British Pounds, is somewhere around the £240 mark, a fair bit less than the £349 we're paying for the machine. Sure, shipping costs and taxes always factor in, but it seems as though UK gamers are picking up some of the flack for America's next-gen gaming bargain.

Either way, Sony's margins seem a lot more reasonable than Apple's. The Cupertino company makes a 45 per cent profit on each entry-level iPad Air made, just for starters. [All Things D]