John Lewis Says "Oh God, It's Christmas" With 2013's Twee TV Advert

By Gary Cutlack on at

It is time. Time to start dreading people demanding things of you. Time to start losing weight so you can get fatter. Time to start wondering who's going to get divorced or killed or dissolved in a vat of acid on EastEnders. It's nearly bloody Christmas again and John Lewis has made an advert alerting the miserable men of the nation to take cover.

The ad takes on an animated look this year, with the department store chain creating a feature length, two-minute advert for its.... perfume. Or whatever it is that it sells. The Christmas ad combines wide-eyed, Disney-style 2D animation with 3D props, while the music is Lily Allen covering a Keane song. That says it all.

It's not quite as clever or as soppy as the one about the doomed snowman romance from 2012 (SPOILER: they melted alone), but there you go. You may now have six mince pies as pudding after lunch today because capitalism says IT IS TIME TO. [YouTube]