Join the Mile High Club for £270 (Must Supply Own Sex Partner)

By Gary Cutlack on at

A US flight company is offering customers the opportunity to do some sex in an aeroplane, selling romantic mini flights for just $425. Customers go up in a small light aircraft and get to do it behind a curtain while the pilot tries to concentrate.

The package, offered by Flamingo Air, also supplies champagne and chocolates for that extra romantic edge, although the supplied image, with its curtains and pink cushions, makes it look like you'd be trying to do it in the back of a hearse. It'd lack the the thrill of doing it illicitly on an EasyJet flight to Alicante too, but at least there won't be people queuing up outside and banging on the door to put you off your rhythm.

The flight takes an hour, so bring a book or something to do for the other 55 minutes as it doesn't look like there's any onboard Wi-Fi. [Flamingo Air via Springwise]