Kindles, iPads and Other Electronic Devices OK'd for Use During European Flights

By Gerald Lynch on at

Flight-mode be damned, the European Aviation Safety Agency has announced that it will be publishing new guidelines green-lighting the use of electronic devices at all stages of a flight. Your Kindles, iPads, smartphones and MP3 players will be saved from the disapproving glare of air stewards across the skies, throughout Europe!

It's not a complete in-flight gadget free-for-all though. Certain "larger" items, such as laptops, will still not be permitted for use during take-off, landing and taxi. Likewise, no airline has yet announced that it will be immediately relaxing its new rules, though it's surely now simply a matter of time.

Perhaps even more exciting is the news that the EASA is also looking into the potential for allowing mobile phone calls during flights. To think, we may soon be living through an age in which we can call mum, stream Eastenders and send filthy mile-high-club Snapchats all from 30,000 feet. [Wired]

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