Lady Gaga's Volantis Flying Quadcopter Dress Is The First Thing She's Ever Done That I Like

By Gerald Lynch on at

Whether you love or loathe her music (and I obviously fall into the later party, given the headline) it's hard to deny that Lady Gaga has a knack for creating an eye-catching spectacle. And there are few things more spectacular than a flying quadcopter dress.

The Volantis, as the four-propellered dress is called, managed to get Dot Cotton's new BFF flying three feet off the ground around a hall at the Brooklyn Navy Yard where the popstar was launching her new ARTPOP album.

And, as kooky as ever, Gaga waxed lyrical over a future world where we've all somehow got our own Volantis. "I want to evolve the world in making her" said Gaga, "thinkĀ aboutĀ all we could do if we just thought about Volantis. Imagine the possibilities." Yeah right. Coming to a Primark near you soon, eh? [Billboard]