Latest Chinese Photoshop Fail Sees Disembodied Official Tower Over Tiny Old Woman

By Gerald Lynch on at

Has no-one showed the Chinese government's PR teams the joys of YouTube tutorials? Has Photoshop For Dummies not been translated into Mandarin? Has there been some supply shortage for those in need of contact lenses? There simply has to be a better explanation for this latest in the long line of Chinese Photoshop fails than that they're simply rubbish at photo editing.

I mean, where are the guy on the left's legs? Why is that old lady so small? What is that guy in the middle smiling at; the doll-sized pensioner living in her own Escher-like balcony bubble or the fact his pal is half-way to turning into Casper the Ghost?

For all the laughs it's brought, this one's had a particularly bad response from the Chinese public. The picture is supposed to show members of the Ningguo Civil Affairs department, including the city's Deputy Mayor Wang Jun, visiting the 103-year old Cheng Yanchun at her home. But the poorly edited picture has lead many to question the department's motives, and whether or not they ever gave a shit about their aged senior citizen in the first place. Sort it out guys. [Daily Telegraph]