LG's Smart TVs May be Phoning Home With Details of all Your Media Viewing

By Gary Cutlack on at

An innocent toggle within the settings of some LG smart TVs may be giving the company permission to log all of our viewing habits and send them back to its HQ for analysis, in the name of serving us better forms of adverts.

Blogger DoctorBeet made the discovery public after noticing some ads appearing on his LG set. A bit more investigating discovered a corporate presentation by LG on the matter, which claims: "LG Smart Ad analyses users favourite programs, online behaviour, search keywords and other information" in order to get to know you better and sell ads to be beamed into you home.

The option to turn this thing off can be found under a "Collection of watching info" tab in the settings, should you prefer LG to not know how many episodes of Saturday Kitchen you've been getting through recently.

However, DoctorBeet claims to have analysed his network traffic, and found that LG's TV sent back data to HQ every time he changes channel even if the logging option is switched off. And it's unencrypted. And it even transmits the names of files being played from USB stick, so LG may have amassed a tidy little database of the world's most prolific pirates. [DoctorBeet via The Digital Fix and Engadget]