Local Vigilantes Caused More Hassle During the Olympics Than Terrorists, Says Lord Coe

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK-based antagonist groups like Fathers4Justice triggered more worry for Olympic organisers during London 2012 than the nebulous global terror and cyber-warrior threat, according to games boss Lord Coe. Perhaps those tower block missile units put off the real bad boys?

According to Lord Coe, the new King of London and all UK Sport, the security measures put in place to protect both the physical and virtual Olympic venues did their job, and it was only the angry locals that gave organisers any bother during last summer's staggeringly positive sporting party.

Coe told attendees at RSA Conference Europe 2013: "The threats of disruption came from everything from Fathers4Justice through to taxi drivers, angry they weren't allowed into the Olympic lanes. That tended to be the level of the threat. Most of the challenges weren't terrorists, cyber or otherwise." [The Register]