London "Gang Members" to be Banned From Having PAYG Phones or... Bikes

By Gary Cutlack on at

A fresh crackdown on youth gang crime is about to be launched in London, with police set to ban those deemed influential gang leaders from having off-contract phones to organise their crimes on, plus bicycles may be confiscated so they have no means of escape. At least they'll be less likely to die under a lorry.

The rules are being introduced by Baljit Ubhey, the new chief crown prosecutor for London, who will be using a range of court orders to ban gang members from some areas of town, also combining this with demands they hand over their SIM-only burners and only use phones registered in their names, plus some keen cyclist criminals might be stopped riding bikes should that be how they tend to escape the police.

Even banning some from wearing the dread "hoodies" was a possible measure mentioned by Ubhey, a method that may help ID trouble makers and reduce the chances of them re-offending as soon as they're out and back on the streets. [Standard]

Image credit: London crime via Shutterstock